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IoT Based SmartAquaPro

Chhayankita Chafle1, Isha Kshirsagar1, Supriya Bhosale2,*, Rasika Somwanshi1

1 BE Student, Electronics and Telecommunications Department, P.E. S’s Modern College of Engineering, Pune, India
2 Electronics and Telecommunications Department, P.E. S’s Modern College of Engineering, Pune, India

*Corresponding author email: [email protected]

Year: 2024, Page: 5-10,

Received: Jan. 10, 2024 Accepted: April 28, 2024 Published: May 22, 2024


This research paper presents development of IoT smart kit designed for improve the management and monitoring of hydroelectric projects and their application. Here, one of its application, home aquarium, is accepted. Nowadays, many people have fish as their pets Home. The fish were fed by an aquarist in aquarium tanks, which requires proper setup maintenance. The problems we face are changes in water quality, fish feeding, maintenance temperature, light control and difficulty manual control of aquarium conditions. That is why it is necessary to monitor the physique parameters closely and increase the water state. So this project proposes a system that is equipped with sensors for real-time operation. The kit integrates the Internet of Things (IoT) technology with a number of sensors, actuators and a user-friendly interface that makes aquarium possible enthusiasts for creating and maintaining a thriving aquatic environment. Key system components include real-time water quality monitoring, an automatic feeding system and fish cleaning water in the tank, automatic environment control and remote access via mobile app. The research outlines design and implementation smart kit, discusses its applications in provisioning the well-being of aquatic life and examines it potential for wider environmental monitoring and conservation efforts. Results of testing and use scenarios demonstrate the effectiveness of and the versatility of the IoT Smart Aquarium Kit it is a valuable tool for hobbyists and researchers alike in the fields of aquaculture and water ecology.

Keywords: IoT Based SmartAquaPro


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